End of 2013

I can tell you with good faith that I had no idea I would even be typing this out at the beginning of 2013. At that time my dream of being an artist in the animation industry had been collecting dust on a shelf for a couple of years. 

First off, a big thank you to Catherine Hicks (@Cathicks) and the pope. A silly twitter conversation later and she’s letting me ask questions and get advice. She made me realize that people that worked at big studios were regular people (with extraordinary art skills). My dream was off of the shelf, but still dusty.

Second, a huge thank you to Justin Rodrigues (@Jtown67) and the rest of the art professionals on twitter that let me ask questions, provided inspiration (via words or art), provided critiques, and were so friendly. You guys helped me dust off my dream and gave me something to look at and strive for. 

Third, thank you to the art students who make it so much fun to continue constructing my dream. I’m not currently in art school, so you guys are the closest thing I have to art classmates.

A final thank you to my followers on tumblr (15), instagram (27), and twitter (95), as well as friends and family who support my passion. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014. Sorry if you don’t like lengthy text posts, but 2013 was a pretty interesting year! (P.S. Thank you to my brother, Devin, who has found a passion for art himself. :D)

laserwolf asked:

Spenny. i did not know you had an art blog. See also: I did not know you were such a kick-ass artist.

I wouldn’t say I’m that great (yet). But I’m definitely trying to get better! Thanks, Jamie! :D